Used Gear for New Climbers

"Please send on my thanks and the appreciation of the whole group to those who generously and thoughtfully made donations. I am just happy to see everyone have access to gear that is usually way beyond their means, and that will  open doors for them. "

-Joan Donaghey of Club de Montaņa Cumbres Andinasa. (see info at the bottom of this page).

Thanks very much to everyone who sent gear, I'm now getting together another big box of gear for some kids in India. Sorry for my often slow response time to the packages, but please know that I do get them and thanks!

We all have old harnesses, shoes, carabiners, clothing, tents or other gear lurking in the closet. Why not give it to someone who can truly use it? Climbing and the mountain experience in general have the power to really help people, especially young kids, broaden their perspective and do something life-affirming. As I travel around the world I constantly see motivated, often young climbers who lack the financial power to buy even very basic gear. I gather older gear gear up and ship it to the organizations who can best use it. This is an informal program, but I only send the gear to organizations that are genuine, excited to climb and will make good use of the gear for years to come. Unfortunately I can't do tax-exempt receipts for gear yet, but I'm working on that and hope to soon.

So, if you would like to get a fuzzy feeling in your stomach knowing that your old gear is giving someone a lot of happiness then please send it to the address below. I pay shipping to wherever the gear is going after it gets here, and if you call me on 403 678 5728 I'll even give you my Fedex number to make this as painless as possible! You know how much climbing means to you, this is an easy way to spread the enjoyment. This is not a commercial or government program in any way, it's just a small attempt to share the sport that has given me a tremendous amount of joy over the years. If you send me something I'll send you back a note on where it went and how it is being used.

Here's the address:

Will Gadd

168 Coyote Way, Canmore, Alberta, T1W 1C2

I'm currently getting together a package for a club in Chile; I met these kids while doing a slideshow there in September, they are really excited to climb and get out in the mountains! Here's their information:

The Club de Montaņa Cumbres Andinas grew out of a basic mountaineering workshop that was held in a small, alternative school up in the Cajon del Maipo, in central Chile. One of the parent's wanted to promote a vision of the mountains as a gateway to different experiences, instead of the barrier that many people saw them as. Lots of people where we live can't afford the bus fare to the city (about 30 km away), and couldn't dream of owning or having access to mountaineering and/or climbing equipment, yet every sunny day witness lots of city dwellers driving up to climb and hike.

Two very positive results grew out of the workshop: People began to get to know the mountains that surround them, many of the beautiful places to hike and started to look at where they lived differently. Also, the central group formed a Club, which we later named Cumbres Andinas (Andean Summits). Two years later, we have gone through two small government -funded projects: the first to buy equipment (tents, cookstoves, and basic top-rope equipment--2 ropes, 7 quickdraws, 3 harnesses and not much else!) ; the second, most recently for a basic rock climbing course. All of the training the group has received has been close to home, there are so many great places a stone's throw away...and as I mentioned, we live just under some pretty good sport climbing walls...where the "kids" (the under 30's!!) go climbing almost every weekend.

A couple of the guys in the club dream of doing "big walls" but there are few opportunities for that where we live. But we always look for ways to expand their vision of climbing and just their lives in general.

We also have a VW van that we just pile everyone into and drive on up the mountain or somewhere else to go climbing or hiking, and in the next month we are planning our own Film and Slide show night, where some friends are coming to show their recent trips. That keeps the energy flowing, and we are now heading into spring and summer, big climbing season. Weeehaa!!


--Joan Donaghey