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This is the home for some of  the flying-related writing I've done during the last couple of years, let me know if something doesn't work, it's still a bit chossy.

Canadian Nationals 2007 Information and Registration now OPEN here.

June 5th 2007 Golden Report: Game ON! Some photos of recent fun flights.

The Race Will, August 5-9 2006. (Old Comp) An FAI Cat II comp held in conjunction with the Willi XC challenge at Golden, BC.

A pilot's guide to paragliding around Canmore, July 18, 2006: Some basic info on launches etc.

Photos from Canmore, June 26 2006. Base at 15,000 feet, great flight with Frank Kernick and Doug.

2006 Canadian NTSS Paragliding Rankings info.

Flying from Golden to Canmore, August 13, 2004.

June 23, 2002, Paragliding at the World Record Encampment, world record flight (263 miles, 423K)

Texas Paragliding 2000: reports from Hobbs XC flying

99 Texas Paragliding, MAY/JUNE '99: Chasing the paragliding world distance record amongst the tornadoes of West Texas. Stories, photos, dust devils. Updated regularly from May 20th to June 7th.


Older but "Classic" stuff

Paraglide America: Flying across the US in 2001 (In Japanese here:

Collectors, Wicks, Triggers: How to find thermals. Part one of Thermals (En Español aquí, in Portugese here.

Clouds: Part Two of the Thermal Series

Thermalling: Part Three of the thermal series.

Back in the old days: '95 US nationals. Chelan, Washington at its finest.

Setting the World Paragliding Distance Record in '98

Flying Idaho Style: Pig Roasts and Nuclear Labs

How to compete in the US and Canadian Nationals ('97)

King Mountain Nats, '97 Comments about flying King Mountain, Idaho, short interview with OJ Lawrence.

Seven Hours in the Owens: US Distance record in the Owens Valley

XC 101: How to fly XC ('98?)

Lady Mac Story: Hike up site near my home in Canmore


Dust Devil.jpeg (10277 bytes)What to do with a big dust devil...