Joe McKay Updates: He sends out a semi-regular commentary and update, I'm going to put them here so they're all together. The opinions expressed here are definitely those of the author, which makes for good reading and good information as it's not watered down. Lots of photos and commentary, highly recommended.

Alpine Spam #8: December 18th 2002

Alpine Spam # 7 December 15th 2002: Redneck Rules for Ice Climbing, good recent parkway photos

December 10: Ice Porn, the raddest, sickest, most awe-inspiring route of the Millennium

December 9th: Slipstream, Parkway routes. Great photos and non-standard but very useful commentary on "snow safety."

December 6, Nemesis, click here.

December 4 Click HERE  Lots of good photos and some how-to on sling use and abuse.

Nov 29 Here: Borgeau, Urs', accident on Shades.

November 23 and earlier: Consolation Prize, Echo Madness, Parkway, lots of good info

Sample of what's in the reports above (not necessarily the best example, just an example).

Bourgue Left: Another great route that is suppose to be touching down.  I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to that one at the moment. Hold on... “Hey” are there any ACMG examiners out there on this list, ...guys/gals I hear that left hand is in great shape and a must do in the present condition... Get out there and hone up for the up coming ice exam...  You normal people if you ever get to the top do not rap off the bolts and rib its on the boulder to the climbers right.. It would be Darwinism at its finest and your just to stupid to breed into the general population build a balaclave... Hey.. exam team those bolts are great shape I use them all the time, why waste the time and money, get down, get out collect your $350 ... Top of the second pitch there are bolts off to the right (about 5 meters if I remember correctly)  that provide better shelter then pinning yourself to the bolts in the middle of the may survive a avalanche. Course if you are there under those conditions see Darwinism