The Climbing Pages

A more organized way to reach the various pieces of gravsports having to do with climbing...


Ice Climbing Home Page This is where to go for current conditions in the Canadian Rockies, new route descriptions, etc.

Climbing writing by Will Gadd:

The spring link, 2004: Climbing the North Face of Athabasca, Polar Circus and Directissima on Yam in 20 hours with Raphael Slawinski

Spring Link, 2002: Polar Circus, Upper and Lower Weeping Wall, Curtain Call with Scott Semple.

Climbing Movement Theory: Ditch the weights and learn how to CLIMB. Read this and climb at least a letter grade harder...

Winter Summary: Brief reports on what I did with my winter X Games, Courchevel, Festiglace, Ouray, etc.

Gear: Older articles/gear reviews: BD ATC Guide Review, March 20th, 2006. I spend about 200 days a year trusting my life to various pieces of gear. New gear, busted gear, cool stuff in the prototype zone.