A fully random collection of links I like... Still no paid advertising on Gravsports, I put these up here for the sheer whatever of it.

Weather: A big list here from Joe Mckay

CASA: A good cause, join up to help preserve access to our cliffs!

WINTER: Ice Climbing Links


http://www.live-the-vision.com/wwwboard/index.shtml Conditions, gossip, good place for recent info.

http://www.rockies-ice.com/conditions.php Run by a local guiding outfit, lots of good info.

http://www.mountainsoft.net/users/jd/ JD LeBlanc's site, more good commentary and info.

http://homepage.mac.com/jcmallery/climb/ice/gaspe.html John Mallery's site on ice climbing in the Gaspe area of Quebec.

http://www.ericandlucie.com/index.htm has some excellent beta on our Rockies - almost
an online guide to the classics! Good info about the ultimate RV for ice climbers too.

http://www.wesbender.com/ice/ All about Orient Bay ice.

http://www.cariboumountainadventures.ca/winter.html Helpful site for organizing an ice climbing trip to Canmore.


United States

www.alaskaiceclimbing.com Alaska really ought to be part of Canada, grin, at least judging by the quantity and quality of ice. Good site, needs to fill out a bit more but the best thing on Alaska ice for sure.

http://www.neclimbs.com Good info about New England ice, well worth checking.

www.coolclimbing.com. I didn't generally associate the Southeastern US with ice climbing, but it's reportedly good. This site has a bunch other interesting stuff on it also.

http://southforkice.com/ Information on ice climbing the Cody area, updated regularly.

http://icehome.in.pi.cnr.it/ New England Ice Areas

www.mixeddreams.com. A site dedicated to mixed climbing, worth checking out.

www.m9ice.com Some nice video and shots in Colorado.


http://www.mountain-activity.no/main.html Ice site for Norway, looks like the best ice in Northern Europe.

http://dba.ice-fall.com/accueil.asp This is one hell of a conditions site for France.

http://icehome.in.pi.cnr.it/ Here is an interesting link on ice climbing in the Alps - pretty
comprehensive online guide with maps, topos, pix, etc:


http://www.arctichigh.com Ice berg climbing, looks cool, wanna go...

http://www.yatesgear.com/climbing/screamer/use.htm#1 I'm a fan of Screamers; the chart and info on this page is interesting.

http://www.descender.com/     Totally cool tele site. Let it SNOW!

http://www.moviesnz.com   A contact for world-class adventure video.

www.scottmuir.com Scottish site, mainly on training and the like.


Paraglide America: In 2001 we flew across North America on paragliders, this site has stories, photos and video of the experience...

SUPER FLY: Distributors for Gin and Firebird Paragliders.

http://www.paragliding.co.za/sahpa/programs/skygod/s2f/s2f.htm An excellent analysis of what happens to your glide ratio with head and tail winds.

http://www.expandingknowledge.com/Jerome/PG/Link/All.htm A great collection of links on flying gliders.

http://home.att.net/~jdburch/polar.htm Nice speed to fly analysis.

Southern Skies: Chris and Tammy Bowles run a good school at Moore Mountain, North Carolina. Guest house, nice people and a very good site (I had my best tandem save ever there). Southern Skies also distributes Fresh Breeze paramotors, which are what we used to cross the US in the spring of 2001.

http://www.alas.com.mx Information about flying In Mexico with Miguel Guiterez. Miguel is an excellent pilot, speaks fluent English and knows the flying around Mexico city like no one else. Great resource.

http://www2.prestel.co.uk/midflight/RhossiliSTORY.htm A great story about the early days of paragliding in Britain. Foot-launching parachutes in 30+MPH winds, why not?

http://www.humboldt.net/~penguin Penguin's site, good info on North Cali flying.

http://www.fai.org/hang_gliding/records/data_o.asp?id=7 Current world records for HG, PG, all sorts of flying stuff.

http://www.1800hanglide.com/ This is an interesting site, especially the real-time competition results using digital repeaters.

http://www.flyaboveall.com More good PG info.

http://users.ez2.net/skyfreak Mitch McAleer's page, the guy is rad.

http://www.aero.com/publications/parachutes/9610/pc1096.htm  Starts slow and gets very, very interesting.

http://pottyplace.com/accom/ A nice place to hang out if you're flying in the south of france. Run by pilots, but good for walkers, climbers, etc.


http://www.headpoint.ca/ Ben Firth in fine form.

http://members.shaw.ca/raphael2/index.htm Raphael Slawinski's home page

K-Country "Underground Guide," from Greg Cornell

http://www.Yamnuska.com Many of the local guides here in the Rockies work with Yam, they're a good outfit for guiding, courses, etc.

http://www.gdargaud.net/Climbing/Mars.html Check this out: Climbing on Mars! Fun story...

www.bivouac.com, good trip reports and information on the Canadian Rockies. Well worth checking out.

Camp 4: A good climbing portal site, lots of gossip, fun.

Climbing walls: This is Geoff Creighton's crew, good people if you want a wall.

www.onsight.com.au. This is the web home for Simon Carter, world-renowned photographer and interesting person.

Info on guiding and new long rock routes in the Bow Valley can be found on Brian Spear's site,  www.rocksolidguide.com.  Check out the guidebooks updates page. 

http://www.rockin-the-rockies.freeservers.com/ Info on rock climbing in the Rockies, lots of good info.

Misc. Stuff:

http://www.visibleplanet.ca This is my bud Josh Brigg's site for his photos, some good stuff on there.

http://www.intuitive-connections.net/2003/Clayton.htm I've been interested in the role of intuition in the mountains for a long time; this site isn't about the mountains, but it does explain a few things about intuition.


http://www.dogknows.com/corax/ The site for the Handbook of the Canadian Rockies, written by my dad, Ben Gadd.

bengadd.com, my dad's site. Info on his slide shows, natural history programs and of course his book Raven's End.

Commercial Sites I like:

http://www.emergemedia.ca/ Martina and Graham have done the edits on my last two shows, very competent, reasonable and adaptable (they built a sound studio one day for scratch narration that worked so well we used it for final voice over). Video editing, graphics (check out the cool animations in Grand Canyon Dreams and Trans Andes).

www.gravitygearjasper.com. A great resource in Jasper for route information, gear, people, just a classic good gear shop.

www.andrewquerner.com Andrew and I work together on ice shoots, he's getting after it in miserable conditions more than any sane man should...

Montage Graphics: My brother runs this place. If I needed something important printed, designed or otherwise made presentable in the public's eye this is the place to go.

http://alpineview.ca/ Aaron Beardmore's guiding service.

http://www.rockies-ice.com/ My friends Rob Owens and Sean Easton have started a new Ice guiding company, Rockies Ice Specialists www.rockies-ice.com . Sounds like it's going to be a good one, partnered with Arc'teryx.

http://www.westcoastmountainguides.com/ Kai Hirvonen's company for BC guiding.

http://www.mountainx.ca/ Louis-Julien Roy's site.

http://www.ontopmountaineering.com/index.htm Jorg's a local guide here in Canmore, but also leads trips around the world.

http://www.takabe.ca/ This is Kenneth Takabe's site, worth checking out for climbing, life attitude and reviews of Spicy Tuna rolls.

www.brettgilmour.com Photographing the people, places and culture of the mountains for editorial, stock and commercial clients.

http://www.cloudveil.com/links.shtml A nice collection of outdoor-related links.

www.tamiknight.com Rodents, scotch, not Everest. Worth checking out.

http://www.trackntrail.ca One of Edmonton's main XC and outdoor shops, Brett Wheeler works there while attendina the UofA.

www.nwsos.com  An interesting site, NWSOS offers training in everything from cold-weather and desert survival to ice climbing for private and government types.

http://chinookwebs.com/ Hosts this site. Wolf runs the place, he has really provided excellent service. Rates are great compared to any other local web host company, and I have yet to call Wolf with a web problem he couldn't answer, even if it wasn't his company that caused the problem.

www.westworld.ca is my favorite Mac shop in Calgary. Tim, the owner, is a climber and serious gear head. Good place, fair deals, nice.