Cobras, Sabretooths.

I climb on two Black Diamond Cobras. I've put over 100 days on my Cobras, extreme use and abuse on mixed climbs all over the world. I also use the Cobras for alpine climbs, except snow slogs where I bring an ancient big old ace axe for belays etc. I prefer the Cobras because they have a large amount of clearance for ice mushrooms, rock bulges and other terrain oddities. They also swing really nicely--a well-balanced tool is key for long pitches where you can easily make 200 placements even with good technique. Multiply that by a four hits per placement, times five or more pitches (plus cleaning, pounding pins, etc.), and you can swing your tools 5,000 or more times in a day! You can make any tool work, but a well-balanced tool makes the whole process more fun.

I use Sabertooth crampons, which feature dual horizontal frontpoints and the best under-foot points I've used. I very rarely climb on monos anymore, they simply don't work very well for the chandeleried and very thin ice I commonly climb on. Don't knock these crampons until you try them; my partners often look at them like I'm about to break out a hemp rope next, but they are truly amazing rigs. They are the only crampons I've ever used that you can truly smear with, plus the points seem to work really well for snow-covered scrambling/alpinsim. I use one horizontal as a mono when that's called for. I also like the new Makos with the Lacerator kit, they're a huge improvement over the Switchblades.