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Gadfly 2005#9: Albert Leichtfried's Drylands Grades Dec 28th 2005 Albert has done Game Over, Europe's hardest mixed route, without spurs. He has also done a bunch of the other routes there and sends his "comp style/bareback/whatever" grades. Nice work Albert!

Gadfly 2005#8, (Updated Dec 203), 2005. Mixed Grades and hard routes around the world. The "Bareback/pure style/reloaded" game has really taken off this season, check it out.

Gadfly2005#5, Chris Muller, a fine pilot and better man, died flying last week. This is a collection of words, links and so on for those that knew him or would like a glimpse of his life.

Gadfly 2005 #4, Norway, February 10-21. New routes and reflections on climbing big routes.

Gadfly 2005 #3 Colorado: Alcatraz, "the world's first M14," repeated. The hype is incredible and so is the route, but the route is real and the hype isn't...

Gadfly 2005 #2, Canmore. Mixed grades and Reality, January 29th.

Gadfly 2005 #1, Switzerland, Ouray Denver to Calgary flight,  January 18 2005.


Old Gadfly Rantings

Opinion, commentary and news from a Gadd-centric view.

Dec 27th: The Game Reloaded Notes on climbing Ben Firth's The Game "bareback style."

Nov 28th or so: Will Mayo ribbing Canmore Ice climbing more or less.

Nov 28, Trapeze Training (not by me, by Michele Gilbert)

Nov 4, '04 Occasionally I've been offered a new partner....

November 3, '04: Why Bush deserved to win, and why that's a good thing .

March 7, '04: Spurs are for horses, tools are for your hands Opinion on spurs, tool sits and other forms of aid mixed climbing.

Feb 13 '04: Kendra Moore's poem about first-time ice climbing.

John Ionescu recently died climbing in the Ghost. Rob Davidson submitted a photo and note, /john_ionescu.htm. John also recently soloed the North face of Robson in an amazing time: Round-trip to the car in less than 48 hours. Click here for that story

Dec 17th: The Pop Tart Challenge, by Murdoch Hughes

November 20 2002: A new religion...

October 21: An interesting experience with old rusty bolts.

August 8th: A nice set of Ghost River driving photos from David Dornian...

June 23, Paragliding at the World Record Encampment, world record flight (263 miles, 423K)

June 1, Paraglider crash at Cochrane (everybody more or less OK).

April 16, Shawn Huisman goes rock climbing in the Ghost.

March 23. Freddie Snalam died last week, he is missed. Words from me and a good poem by Gary Ryan.

Feb 27th: Barry Blanchard's first-ever fall onto an ice screw, good story.

Jan 10: Quick Comments on climbing in the Ice World Cup

Nov 28th: More adventures in the North Ghost, the Sorcerer and Hydro in a day.

Nov 27th: Driving in the Ghost River area of Canada, or how to bury a truck.

Old Gadfly Pages (pre-2000):

Gadfly #1: Thoughts on the death of a great pilot, Michael Champlin

Gadfly #2: The Danger Zone Show for Outdoor Life Network: Climbing and Flying with Picabo Street, Olympic Gold Medallist and psyched  woman.

Gadfly #3: Three Jackson Hole pilots fined $250 for landing in Teton National Park. Our sport is under attack despite being the least damaging recreational activity.

Gadfly #4: How to avoid rack attrition. I wrote this for the BD catalog but they didn't want to use it for some reason. Hee hee...

David Bridges. A good friend, a great training partner, died climbing.