Driving in the Ghost is always special. The identities of the people below are protected for insurance and other reasons. I'd love to get some more shots of driving in the Ghost, it makes me feel better about my own epics to receive fine shots like this!

From David Dornia:



You seem to be putting together the definitive collection of Ghost River driving memorabilia on the GravSports website. Here's contributions from the weekend of June 15th , 2002, bottom of the Big Hill, peak afternoon runoff.

It wasn't that you couldn't cross anywhere that day, it was just that there was so much silt in the water that you had to try to remember from the morning what the channels had looked like and hope that the current hadn't altered them while you'd been away climbing.


Why is this man not smiling?

The camera is out...


That's a very expensive vehicle to take swimming.

How do you get the tow strap on the front of the truck?

Note the arm and head in front of the truck.


All's well that ends well.