First time ice thoughts, by Kendra Moore (email: [email protected] )

Man vs. Nature, Man vs. Man
Man vs. Himself
It is an extreme sport
Not intended for the weak
If you panic, you fall
You loose your concentration
If frustration turns its ugly head
You loose
The intimidation factor is huge
To overcome the intimidation
The fear
To be one with that in which you want to conquer
Instills a peace within
A joy immeasurable
A fit of accomplishment unimaginable
To feel the axe force itself into the ice
Is to feel a
Strength unknown
To push oneself forward
When your muscles are on fire
Acquires a strength immeasurable
To look back to where you came from
Is inadequate to
Where you are going
Once you get there
After all of the fear of falling
The bits of frustration
The extensive pain within each joint
There is a sense of beauty
A sense of calm
And an overwhelming pleasure
It is done and you are in one piece
But in order to get home
You must rapel
Don't fall

Kendra Moore