Hey Will,

If you are looking for someone to hold your rope, I'm in. I still call myself a novice at ice, and definitely a rank amateur at mixed. If you are ever running out of partners, you can throw me at the bottom of your list, right around the "I'm desperate to climb, but everyone is working" level. You know, just below having XX belay you, but marginally above hiring that retarded kid from the video store.

My resume for your review:

1987 - Climbed ice for the first time climbing up the hill to my house in freezing rain. Gave it WI1- R. Ice too thin for pro. Bold, technical if you are drunk, and wearing boat-shoes.
1992 early December - led first ice route. Called it a cold miserable experience, swore never to do it again.
1992 mid December - led second ice route. Called it a cold miserable experience, swore never to do it again.
1997 - did 8 chin-ups off ice axes at Stronghold. Declared mixed climbing contrived and for poseurs. Got beat up by Firth.
1998 - had all ice gear stolen. Declared ice climbers miscreants and criminals. Swore off ice.
2001 - used hiking axe to chip ice from large ice-block in my kitchen for martinis at party. WI2+ since the axe was dull, and I had no spotters. Route has not formed since.
2002 - bought used gear from local superstar. Made notes with date/time/place for potential lawsuit should gear get me in trouble.
2002/3 - Tried that silly mixed shit. Was unconvincing to others when I was trying to explain that "it was only to check out the silliness" while smiling ear to ear.
2003/4 - Got scared. Dropped tools. Cramponned a partner in the chest. Still referring to ice climbing as 'a cry for help' for bi-polar suicide cases.
2004/5 - I'll be out there this winter. Mostly leading easy ice, and getting better at this silly mixed shit. But I'll hold the rope for you if you need a solid belayer.