Ski Trips

Crowfoot Circle 25-30K about 13:00 Jen, Mike and Moose Davis Began at Crowfoot Glacier overlook. Over Crowfoot Pass to Hector Lake. West  away from the lake towards Mt. Balfour. Then skied up to Upper Crowfoot Pass. Then down to the Bow Hut approach trail. Finished at Num-ti-jah Lodge.
Roger's Pass to Bugaboos 130 Km.
31,910' vert
30+ Gu's
80:00 Doug Sproul, Jon Walsh, Troy Jungen, '05

Trip Report here, sick/fun?

Some good photos here

Southern Cariboo Ski Traverse +/-120km 79hr. 49min Walsh and Sproul,

April 7-10, 2004 : (79hr. 49 min)

Total ski time:  40 hr. 28 min.

Ascent:   25,990’

Descent: 32,470’

Start @ heli-drop Gilmore Glacier (GR 11U LJ 268543). Finish @ road Mileage Creek (GR 11U LH 510814)

3 camps. One 6 hr. detour (whiteout / Trigon Col). One 1 hr. detour @ GR LJ 227117 (yikes!)

3 dinners. 1 litre of fuel. 3 ½ lunches.

Perfect conditions, almost perfect weather. No tent, etc, etc. no nothing. NO CACHE

Tonquin Circuit 55 kms  

St. Albert Nordic Ski Club (Stanski), John Slapman, Bob Scheele and Dean Albrecht

WG note--did this solo in '92 or so, great outing.

On February 18, 2002, three members of the completed the Tonquin Traverse circuit in 10 and 1/2 hours.  We used light touring/track skis and no skins.  Wax held great although trail was obilterated on back side of Maccarib pass due to high winds and whiteout conditions.

8:30am, start from Portal Creek trailhead parking lot 4 miles up Marmot Ski Area access road.

12:30 pm, at Maccarib Pass.  Ski to junction with Astoria River trail, then followed to junction at Cavell Lake Bridge and down Cavell Road.

7:00 pm, finish at parking lot off Hwy 93A at Cavell Road.

Traverse of Howse Pass & Amiskwi Pass 100+K 39:00 Bob Saunders, Istvan Hernadi
  from Saskatchewan crossing, to Amiskwi fire road out to Emerald lake road.

Check out the old goats report on our ski trip for a laugh:
Wapta Traverse 40K, 1500m <11:00 Josh Briggs and friends, 2002  
Wapta Traverse " <7:00 Hans Peter (Swiss owner of the rocky mountain ski lodge) has done the Wapta Traverse, at night, with skate skis and a fanny pack in under 7hrs!!!! (reported by yanic drouin)