Also see Nancy Hansen's list of all 54 11,000 foot peaks, dates, lots of info by clicking on this line.

Peak/Run Start Trailhead End Trailhead Gain Time Who Notes
Mt Alberta, Japanese Route Parkway same Lots 18:00 Dana Ruddy, Raphael Slawinski, Tim Haggerty Hut to Hut in 10:00, car to car in 18:00, cumulative elevation gain 3000M.
Assiniboine summit 56K, 1850M up 12:35 CF Car to Car, August 2002. No bike!
Baldy 1 km south of the pullout for Barrier Bluffs same 800 :45 Raphael Slawinski
Parking lot to summit via gendarme (not the right-hand bypass).
Mt. Bourgeau Trailhead Summit 1500m 2:29 Steve Tober Ascent
Canmore Quad (Grotto, Lady Mac, Ha Ling, EEOR) Jack Firth's House Upper Grassi Parking Lot 4500+ One day Jack Firth (not a young pup but damn tough!) Don't know much about this, just that he started at his house in west Canmore and finished at the gap below  EEOR, all self-powered, no bike. I believe  he did this on his 50-something birthday...
Mt Collie Bow Lake Bow Lake 34km and 1420M 10:30 Blair Piggot and Dave Stephens, nice photos and story.

Mt. Columbia Athabasca Glacier Parking Lot Same 2438M 19:30

Dave Stephens, Dan Ronsky, Harvey Brauer

June 23rd '04

Des Poilus Bow Lake Same 43K, over 3000K 17:00 thomas choquette,nick and henry this trip features enough elvation gain and loss to make most puke!
EEOR Goat Creek Same 900M 1:00 Unknown Round  to road, rumor.
Mt. Fairview The lake Summit 1000m 1:05  Steve Tober Ascent only.
Grotto Mountain Round-trip Alpine club Same 1425 <02:00 Various Rumours of sub-2:00 round trip times?
Grotto Mountain Ascent Via Rat's Nest Rat's Nest Same 1425 1:43 Steve Tober

Kitchener, GCC

1500M, 20K? 15:30 Keith Haberl, Richard Jagger From the Bivy on the moraine and back to the Bivy. On Sept 25 1995 
Ha Ling Goat Creek Lot Top of Ha Ling 700M 00:35 Phil Villeneuve  From Goat Creek Trailhead to top (not return). Phil actually ran from the Transalta Trailhead and then up Ha Ling, but this is just from Goat Creek.
Ha Ling--Rice Bowl Grassi H Ling Summit 0:32 Brad Wrobleski Ascent only.
Ha Ling Guide's Route Grassi Grassi 700m 1:18 Steven Holeczi Grassi Parking lot return.
Heart Mountain Loop Heart Creek Same 875m 02:00 Gadd and Chili Dog Heart Creek to Heart Creek, run around upper cirque. Great Loop, bring lots of water.
Mt Joffre Upper Kananaskis Lake Parking Lot Same around 2000 m 18:00
Adam Iwaniszyn,
Leszek Nadbrzezny

Done 13 Aug, 1996.  All on foot in one day.  Lost trail between headwall to Aster Lake in both directions causing bushwacking.  Bought GPS since.
Mt. Kidd NE Buttress (the 5.7 rock route) Kananaskis Lodge Parking lot summit 1300M+ 6:30 Raphael Slawinski, Eammon Welsh Car to Summit
Lady Mac (Teahouse) Summit Cafe Teahouse 1000M? 00:48 Gadd From near Summit Cafe (Gadd house) one-way, on new trail. 00:59 with glider.
Lady Mac (top, round trip) Cougar Creek Cougar Creek 1300M 01:40 Gadd
Round trip (no glider!).
Mt Louis-Kain Route Fireside Fireside ? 5:00 Holeczi and Gadd Car to Car.
Middle Sister TransCan, Canmore sign. Summit 1400m 2:13 Steve Tober Ascent only
Pidgeon Mtn from   with alpine haven Summit 1:18 Steve Tober, Bernie Dupuis....a strong, 60+ trail runner Ascent only.
Prarie Mountain Prarie, from the creek crossing Summit 680M :40 Raphael Slawinski Prairie Mtn, creek crossing to summit: 40 minutes. I heard some rumours about a time of 38 minutes on that one, but have no further info about that.
Mt. Rundle Golf Course Same 1600M 3:30 Gadd, Csizmazia,,  Round Trip to Bow Bridge, no short cutting, walking some of it with my mom.
Mt. Smuts Just off the Mt. Shark helipad road. 1000   2:45 car-to-summit, 5:15 car-to-car -   a.k.a. "the hardest scramble in the book!": - Includes a stop for a skinny dip in the little lake on the Smuts-Birdwood col.
Mt. Sunwapta Highway Summit 1735M 2:20 Steve Tober Ascent
Sulfur Mountain Hot Springs Lot Tram Deck 698M 36 ? Frontside, From Road To Tram deck--heard the fastest time is under 30 minutes? No short cutting.
Mt. Robson-N. Face Berg Lake parking lot (Robson trailhead) Same 3000M 35hrs to summit John Ionescu Unfortunately John recently died climbing in the Ghost. For a note about this from Rob Davidson please click here. For the Robson notes please Click Here

Mt. Robson-S. Face Robson Trailhead Same 3000M 17:15 Will Gadd Parking lot to parking lot, Ledges Route, bike to ledge approach.
Mt. Robson, Emperor Face Robson Trailhead Same 3000M 33:00 Ian Welsted

Fast, notes here


Rundle Ridge Traverse

Banff Spring golf course Grassi Lake Parking lot 17hrs Benoit Talbot and Yannick Jean 3 Rappels (on cordelette, pitons(2) and piton(1) )done with a 30m rope, last one a bit too long for the rope. Left Banff at 1am. A climber`s scramble...
Mt. Temple, "normal"  route Moraine Lake Same 1690M 04:10 Gadd, Semple, Chili Dog From trailhead, return.
Temple-North Face-Greenwood Jones Route 1500M 16:00 Steve Holezci and Jason Billing Car to car, including hitching back to the car. (reported by yanic drouin
Traverse Yamnuska and Goat peak  Yam Parking Lot 1A below Goat Yam Lot 4:05 Brad Warne July13. I started at the Yam parking lot, went east to west. 3 hrs 45 min from Yam parking lot to 1A highway, then a 20 min bike ride back to the Yam parking lot. Total: 4hrs 5 min car to car. This is a great traverse and some of the positions are very exposed.
Mt. Yamnuska Loop Yam Lot Same 900M 01:20 (or less) Various East to West, car to car.
Yam--Kahl Wall Yam lot Summit 900M 1:00 Holezci From the car to summit via Kahl Wall
Yam: King's Chimneys
Yam lot Summit 900M 1:18 J. Mills Car to Summit
Yam--Unnamed Yam lot Same 900M 1:22 Brad Werne "Not that is that impressive."