Multi-Sport Links: mix it up!

I'd like to see some more multi-sport links, seems to be a fun way to enjoy the mountains around here...

N. Face of Atha B, Polar Circus, Directissima 20 hours Will Gadd, Raphael Slawinski (concept by Kim Csizmazia) Trip report

Professors, Yam, Rollerblade back to Calgary, bike back to truck. (Courtesy Drew Brayshaw).


About 24 hours. Steve DeMaio


CAJ 2000, p.86 "Surfing the curve". I looked it up last night

Steve's Day: soloed Professor's starting c. 7:00 AM, drove to Yam, soloed Kings Chimney, traversing into an adjacent route at the top due to snow and ice (early April) rollerbladed to Calgary (80 km) - time at this point reported at 14 hrs got on his mountain bike rode back to his truck at base of Yam (another 80 km) - time, late at night so presumably still sub 24 hrs. & his truck had been broken into, all his rock & ice gear stolen, when he got back!