Long Runs (and a disclaimer on long runs, pretty funny)

Run Start Trailhead Via End Trailhead Distance (K) Time Who Notes
Aster/3 isle/turbine loop

Upper Kananaskis Lake North over to 3 isle, to high Beatty to Turbine   55km, 11000 feet gain/loss 15:01 Brad Wrobleski. Jerry Auld this wasn't a run but a hike, upper kananaskis lake aster, then northover to 3 isle, to high Beatty to Turbine and out to upperlake trailhead.
Banff Trail Nordic Centre Biathlon Range Banff Trail Banff Post Office 22 1:36 Jeff Perron  
Buller Loop Buller Pond Buller Pass, Guinns Pass, Ribbon Creek Buller Pond 50K 7:07 Jeff Perron  
Cascade Loop Cascade Ponds Cascade fire road, elk pass, stoney squaq   45 5:20 Jeff Perron Around the mountain.Yep
Canmore to Exshaw backside Cougar creek Cougar Ck & up to 3 high passes via Banff Park and Exshaw Exshaw 40km, 2000m climbing 21.30 See right. Good story here. These people are not sane.
Date: Nov 27, 2004
Lisa Lee-Johnson, Shellie Jober, Sim Galloway, Istvan Hernadi


Fortress Lake

Sunwapta Falls Parking Lot Trail to the Lake (out and back) Sunwapta Falls Parking Lot 50 km 5:45 Jerry Auld & Glen Robataille This includes an hour and a half spent fording seven branches of the river, going and coming
- no bridges.
Glacier Trail-Maligne Lake   Glacier Trail --- Nigel Creek --- Nigel Pass, Jonas pass, Maligne
Pass --- Maligne lake ---
  90km, 8,000 feet of up 23:00 Lisa Lee-Johnson, Istvan

July 30-31, 2004

(self-supported, 1 food drop at Poboktan creek)
Full story at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oldgoat/message/967


Glacier Trail-Skyline Trail

Nigel Pass Trailhead Glacier Trail (Nigel, Jonas & Maligne Passes to Maligne lake), Skyline Trail Signal Fire Road Trailhead 130km 36:00 Lisa Lee-Johnson
Notes:  July 30-31, 2005.  Self-supported, food drops at Poboktan & Maligne Lake.
Healy Pass Sunshine Parking Citadel Pass, Assiniboine Pass Red Earth Creek 32 3:20 Jeff Perron  
Lake Minnewanka Loop Dam Trailhead     60 10:00 Brad Wrobleski. Jerry Auld (Including swimming the dam)
Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit Trailhead Lodge Wiwaxy through All Souls/Big Larches Trailhead Lodge 12 K 1:50 Trevor Carter One of the most beautiful runs around, elevation out of the way in under 1/2 and hour and then cruising on rocks and larches.
Moose Mountain Circuit West Bragg Creek West Bragg Creek --- Tom Snow - Prairie Creek - Jumpingpoint Ridge - Cox Hill - Tom Snow --- West Bragg Creek - W. Bragg Creek 73.3 15:00 Lisa Lee-Johnson Moose Mountain Circuit --- West Bragg Creek --- Tom Snow - Prairie Creek - Jumpingpoint Ridge - Cox Hill - Tom Snow --- West Bragg Creek --- 73.3km --- 15 hours --- Lisa Lee-Johnson --- July 1, 2004


Norquay Loop? ?     ? 4:00 Brad Wrobleski. Jerry Auld  
Numa Pass Floe Creek Numa Pass Numa Creek 28K 4:00 Jeff Perron, Shannon P.  
Rockwall Trail Via - backpacking trail Paint Pots Trailhead Floe Lake Trailhead   55km 13:00 Jen, Mike and Moose
Rockwall Trail Floe Creek Numa Pass

Tumbling Pass

Rockwall Pass

Paint Pots 55km 9:21 Jeff Perron  
Rundle Loop Nordic Center West end of Rundle Nordic Center 42kms 4:29 Perron

Jeff Perron Nordic centre to Nordic centre, via Goat Creek and Banff Trail Rundle.
Saturday Night Lake Loop (Jasper) Church across from Rec. Ctr Usual same 27 3:15 Jeff P.  
Sawback Trail Mt. Norquay Mystic Pass Johnston Canyon 39K 4:00 Jeff Perron, Shannon P.  
Sawback Trail, Banff to Lake Louise Norquay Mystic, Pulsatilla, Boulder passes Fish creek parking 73km, 7000 up 13:20 for
Istvan Hernadi, and 12:45 for Kim Megaffin
Sept 12, 1998
Skyline Trail Maligne Lake Little Shovel, Big Shovel Signal Mt. Fire Road Access 44km 5:45 Jeff Perron  
Yoho Linkup Emerald Lake Yoho Pass - Takakkaw Falls - Stanley Mitchell Hut - Yoho Pass (via Iceline Trail) - Burgess Pass - Emerald Lake 44K 7:40 Mike Davis and Moose (a candiate for Canmore's fittest dog!). Awesome trail. The run links up two 5 star trails. You are almost at, or above treeline the entire time