Enchainments (Linking together technical climbs or peaks in one push)

Peaks Start Trailhead End Trailhead Vertical Gain, Distance Time Who/When Notes.
All 54 eleven-thousand foot peaks in the Canadian Rockies


Many Many A whole lot... Seven years, 49 days. Nancy Hansen Click here for more info.
Athabasca North Face, Polar Circus, Directissima (Yam) Icefields Lot Yam Parking Lot 3000M? 20:00 Will Gadd, Raphael Slawinski, March 29, 2004

Notes Here

Bugaboos Link: NE Ridge of Bugaboo Spire, Route, Krause McKarthy, Cooper/Kor, Becky Chouinard. Aplebee Same Lots 24:30

Jon Walsh, Jeff Relph

August 4/5 2005

Notes here
Sulphur Mntn, Mt Rundle, Cascade Mntn, Mt Bourgeau. Various Various 17,600 up, 66K across.. 24 hours Istvan Hernadi, Kim Megaffin, John Hebron, Eric Karn
2 August 1998 Car was used to drive between trailheads.
Edith south, centre and north over cory pass up Cory...down Gargoyle and out edith pass Fireside Fireside ~1800m 12:00 Steve Tober
 Mts Fay and Quandra  One day Brad and Jerry? Fay Hut to Fay hut
South ridge of Edith south, centre and north down cory pass to fireside Fireside Fireside ~1500m 6:00 Jim Beam and Jack Daniels
Fortress, Gusty Peak, Mt. Shark Chester Lake Mt. Shark lot 292M 13:30 Vern Dewitt, Dave Stephens http://www.dave-stephens.com/scrambles/smithdorrien/fortress/fortress.htm
Hydrophobia, Sorcerer, Wicked Wanda (Laser Kissed Linkup) ? ? 1000m? 9.30 Steve Holeczi alone, January 2006 Did Sorceror, Hydrophobia, and Wicked Wanda by myself yesterday, 9.5 hrs.
Sorceror and Hydro are in great shape, very dry but good ice. Wicked Wanda is
like a fountain. The pumping nano laser kissed trance mix was definetely key!

Steve Holeczi out

Mt Indefatigable to North summit  00:50 Brad Wrobleski and Jerry Auld Up
Lake Louise Area: Pope's via North Face, Unnamed peak, Colliers Peak, Victoria Traverse Bivy in valley below Pope's Abbot Pass 9k, 1867 vert 17:00 Jeff Perron, Jeff Relph
Polar Circus, Weeping Pillar, Curtain Call Icefields Parkway Same 1,000M 13:00 Gadd and Semple and a lot of cookies, spring 2002 Car to Car
Polar Circus, Teardrop, Slipstream Icefields Parkway Same 2,000M 15:15 Bruno Sourzac and Rolo Garibotti, 2002

Rundle Ridge Traverse West to East (also in Peaks section).

Banff Spring golf course Grassi Lake Parking lot 17hrs Benoit Talbot and Yannick Jean 3 Rappels (on cordelette, pitons(2) and piton(1) )done with a 30m rope, last one a bit too long for the rope. Left Banff at 1am. A climber`s scramble...
Rundle Ridge Traverse East to West Grassi Banff Springs 12hrs Darren Williams, Pierre Champness and Brad Warne We took no rope, so we did no rappels, we had to frig around alot to find a way to downclimb the one rappel.

October 2001.

Aug 2001.

Shooting Gallery, Andromeda Strain (by headlamp), West Shoulder Direct, maybe Skyladder, and the N face of athabasca and some other stuff, click for a link A lot. Check the report out, click on the link at left.. Frank Jordan, STILL ALIVE, not deceased as reported earlier. "The greatest enchainment ever done in the Rockies" -Brad Wrobleski

Hard to know start and end points here, but he went for it.

David Dornian report's about what Frank Jourdan did in the Icefields area a few years back...

Good Reading: Steve Tober's Story on five peaks in one day Kerr, Kiwetinok, Pollinger, McArthur and Isolated in little Yoho ...14 hours, from Takakaw parking lot to the Stanley Mitchell hut.....about 2400m gain (and the pres and VP the next day and another 1100m or so).  Steve wrote about this for the Old Goats...Rick Collier's group.