Assiniboine in a day

the details:  return from the Mt. Shark parking lot, all on foot via the Bryant Creek/Assiniboine Pass route (shorter of the two options for the trails leading to the pass), North Ridge route on the mountain.  Left parking lot at 4am to try and beat the heat, and yelled like a fool while running alone in the dark through the woods.  Just trail runners the whole way and no climbing gear of any sort.  I started to crash towards the end and had to walk a fair bit of the last 10kms, hence my saying I wish I had trained better.  If you wanted, you could definitely cut down on the time by riding to, and stashing a bike at, the Banff boundry.
I heard that an older fellow from Canmore, when it was still permitted, rode a bike from town to lake Magog return, plus an ascent, in a day.