Aerobic Pages (AKA, huck-a-lung adventures, updated Nov. 28th, 2005)

A few aerobic types are into going fast up hills, climbs and peaks around here, thought I'd put some times together in one place for motivational, posing and informational (no reason to be bored around here!) purposes... These are just the best times I know of or that have been submitted, I'm sure there are faster ones out there, click here for submission info. Gives us something to think about on those training outings. Check out Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies for more info, all heights are from his book (worth buying for sure). All of these times are without shortcutting except where obvious and accepted (down scree slope on Yam for example). I'll add long mountain runs such as the loops around Cascade and Rundle if people send  times in (just added those, see below, and getting a bunch of email from people, fun!).

Photo at leftis from a snowshoe race on the Arctic Circle...

A funny disclaimer about long runs by -Hugh Magill, via Lise Beaulieu


Due to increased information I've split these pages into five sub-pages. If you'd like to submit something please click here, thanks!

Peaks/Climbs/Scrambles: Getting up and down one peak, ridge or or a closely linked set of sub-summits quickly.

Enchainments: Linking togther two more more peaks.

Long Runs: Running sick distances in the mountains.

Ski Trips: Giving it on skis.

Multi-Sport Linkups: Get all the toys out and mix 'em up in a day or so.


Here are a few misc. trip reports:

Spring 2004 Aerobic Abuse: North Face of Athabasca, Polar Circus, Yam, 20 hours, March 28 2004. A good fun aerobic fest!

David Dornian report's about what Frank Jourdan did in the Icefields area a few years back... Definitely inspirational!

Assiniboine in a day, CF

And one more from Thomas Choquette I haven't had time to format but it's cool so I had to put it up for inspiration!