From Thomas Choquette (wg note--I don't know enough about all of these to put them into the proper categories etc, see submission guidelines, I like doing this but simply don't have the time to sort it all out, sorry!).

kool beans,ok will,here goes..and these are all estimates for elevation gain and distances..for

sullivan falls,distance is about 24 kms.RT(seems liked 90!)elevation gain for the trip(not including the actual climb)is about 1000 meters(its grim climbing back up to the top of vimy ridge from soffa creek on the way back)from our starting point at marcque's hole(spelling?)14.5  hrs -lineham cliff falls..we did both routes in 4 full pitches(2 each)(60

meter ropes)with a small bit of simal climbing on the first,about 9 kms.RT with about 300 meters elv.gain,8 hrs.RT,wild ski back racing the setting sun,also..i put both ropes in jeff's pack at the start when he went off to have a crap..he didn't know till we were ropin was pissed..ha,course,i had to carry them out,ok..i digress...scrambles---glascow,cornwall,outlaw and banded peak,2200 meters

elv.gain,33 kms.RT.however,7 hrs.for all 4 summits,we camped at the

col.between banded and outlaw(climbed banded the next morning again for

better pics)pilot mtn.and mt.brett,2350 meters elv.gain,12 hrs(it also took

me about 45 minutes to find my bike again,cause all the tree's look the

same)-mt.richardson,pika peak and ptarmigam peak,about 2200 mters

elv.gain,22 kms.RT.8.5 hrs.(i ran for about an hour,bears don't ya

know!)-beatrice peak and mt.ball,about 23 kms.RT.1800 meters elv.gain,10.5

hrs-gonna add one more scramble to..just cause i'm going through my old

notes and on my 3rd cup of java..fisher peak,28 kms.RT.used the bike for 18

kms.elv.gain 1550 meters,10 hrs.flat..great day..also..i always take my

camera and tri takin pics really slows you down..and i have to have

pics..these times i'm sure have all been slaughtered...but they make a nice

starting point...ok..on the bike..allenby pass,1015 meters elv.gain,68.2

kms.6 hrs,-around the misty range,53 kms.550 meter elv.gain(ya gotta do

about a half hr.carry of your bike up to rickerts pass)5.5 hrs,-mt.burns

loop,60 kms.1250 meters elv.gain,8 final trip..done last

oct.down in waterton,(this was quite a day)rode 2 trails,y camp trail to the

vimy peak turn off,and the snowshoe cabin trail,total kms.32.5 on the

bike,hike vimy peak,about 10 kms.1100 meters elv.gain,drove home(about 600

kms driving RT)showered and rode to the pub,about 16 kms RT,elv.gain about

50 meters,ha..left 6 am,home by 8 the pub by 9(cause it was pub

night)home around 2am..big day...i figured 1455 meters total elv.gain,600

km.s driving,48.5 pedalin,10 hikin..maybe 250 meters staggerin(to the

washroom and back,elv.gain..minor..ha)..was an awesome day(the ride up

centre street hill from downtown sucks when your drunk)..a true story