Tour De Lacs: June 26th 2006 was epic, Frank Kernic and I flew from the Lady Mac launch down the Fairhole Range to Lake Minnewanka, then back to Lady Mac where Frank had had enough fun. I climbed back to 15K at Lady Mac, then crossed the valley to Ha Ling, followed that ridgeline to Three Sisters with a nice view of the Spray Lakes, then back across the valley to the east end of Grotto, then back to the Lady Mac Teahouse. Maybe 60K all in? Conditions were ON, the strongest lift I've flown in for a couple of years but reasonably smooth.
Will Gadd

IMG_1013_cleaned IMG_1031_cleaned IMG_1053_cleaned IMG_1087_three_sisters IMG_1088_cleaned_spray
IMG_1013_cleaned.jpg IMG_1031_cleaned.jpg IMG_1053_cleaned.jpg IMG_1087_three_sisters.jpg IMG_1088_cleaned_spray.jpg
IMG_1091_Lacdesarc_cleaned IMG_1101_Grotto_cave      
IMG_1091_Lacdesarc_cleaned.jpg IMG_1101_Grotto_cave.jpg