Gravsports DVDs for sale (finally!).

In the last three years I've had dozens of requests from people to buy the various films I've worked on. Finally I've produced three, they will also be available in shops in June.

Three Flights: Records and Realizations. Three short films on one DVD: AVAILABLE NOW
- Texas Paragliding Massacre: setting the world paragliding open distance record in 2002, 15 min.
- Andes Adventure: Flying over the top of the Andes in 2003, 19 minutes.
-Grand Canyon Dreams, the first crossing of the Grand Canyon on a paraglider, 2004, 19 minutes.

-Plus still photos of each trip from Christian Pondella and Will Gadd

60 minutes. $30 US/CDN including shipping in North America. Available in NTSC (US, Canada, Mexico, most of South America) and PAL (Europe, most of the world outside the Americas).

You can also buy this DVD at the following retailers:


Cloud 9 Paragliding

Aweberg: Iceberg Climbing in Labrador, east coast of Canada. 22 minutes with photos. $30 US/CDN including shipping in North America. Available in NTSC only.

Musashi: The story of the 2004's hardest mixed route, with Ben Firth and Will Gadd. 15 minutes. $20 inc. shipping in North America. NTSC only.

How to pay: Paypal or send a postal order, bank cheque, cash or beer to: Will Gadd, PO Box 8456, Canmore, Alberta, Canada, T1W 2V2.


Note: Paraglide America is delayed and unavailable until I solve a few problems.