Race Willi Final Results and Notes, Updated August 10th 2006


Final Overall Results (four tasks), thanks to Bill Hughes. He had the scores done every night, I was slow getting them up for various lame reasons.

Task One

Task Two

Task Three

Task Four


Pictures from John Clifford here.

Photos from Nicole McLearn here.

Write-ups from Nicole McLearn:

Day one

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Some more write-ups on Mark Dowsett's site

A big thanks to:

Randy Parkin: The Willi Muller XC challenge is a long-standing Canadian PG and HG event, Randy was psyched to add the "Race Willi " component. Randy also cooked breakfast, organized the parties and trophies, and really was the backbone for both the Willi XC and Willi Race. Plus he won the serial class.

Bill Hughes: Scoring, letting total strangers drive his new truck.

Keith MacCullough and Nicole McLearn: We were sitting in the rain down in Oregon and came up with the idea for this event. Both of you did more than your share to make it happen, thanks.

Kim Csizmazia: Was the meet head while Will Gadd was in the air, plus launch marshall, retrieve master, rescue coordinator, etc.

Caroline Lampron and Janetta Brettschneider: Volunteered to drive, lay out wings and generally help all week.

The Golden Eco Adventure Ranch: John Macisaac and Cathy Anne David went out of their way to keep all the pilots in the campground happy, supplied the meet HQ, let us use the top floor of the wash house for "sink out cinema" and generally made things run a lot smoother.

Vincene Muller and Muller Windsports: Thanks for lending us "Big Red," the main competition vehicle, and as always supporting Canadian flying.

Tihi Bukvic: Drove the Muller "nice" suburban up the hill a bunch for us during his "vacation."

Mountain Bike City: If you drank a beverage at goal or on the retrieve it was from these guys!

Every HG and PG pilot in the Willi. It was a hell of a lot of fun, thanks!