Conditions are finally improving. Today Scott and I  had a good flap above the airport, where we could see wet fields stretching off into the distance. We only ended up going about five miles, but at least it was flying. The last two days have basically sucked, but tonight is the first night we don't have epic thunderstorms rolling around. The forecast is for better conditions tomorrow, then getting really good by Monday, so we can only hope. I'm about to finally learn how to hang glide just for something to do. We've been working out, going to see shitty movies (Star Wars, the Mummy, don't bother with either) and basically doing nothing while waiting for things to get better.

This is what happens you can't fly:Pic101 Will in gym.jpg (13278 bytes) Don't let it happen to you...

The team page is updated, as is the stories page. Also new is the Crossroads home page, which I put together for Curt.

June 4

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