May 26

Texas Paragliding, more.

The moisture from the last few days has really loaded the air, nothing but low-level scud cloud in the morning. In the afternoon things improved considerably, and I took Curt on a few tandem tows. It took some figuring to get the drum tension right, but we've about figured it out.

After flying Curt, Scott and I went free-flying, and it was pretty much the best flying we've had yet.. Great climbs to FAA cloud limits (more or less), without too much wind. Not good for long XC action,but certainly entertaining.  Scott and I both landed quickly when a huge cell moved in from the North; Scott experienced some massive lift as the edge neared him, and had to spiral to the deck. As I write this evening there are tornado alerts, and Scott actually saw a good-size spike come down out of the cloud he ran away from, less than hour after he landed. So things are active weatherwise, but the forecast lying centre calls for only a 25 percent chance of storms tomorrow, diminishing toward the weekend.

Today's photos:

Pic91 feet, clouds, OK.jpg (6488 bytes)      Pic90 fb logo, cloud.jpg (5448 bytes)

This is what flying is supposed to be like: above base, going places.

Pic87 above base,runways.jpg (9442 bytes) Looking down on at the Hobbs airport from above cloud base...