The cast of characters down here is growing; Ramy and JB have arrived with Milleniums, while Davis Straub is also down here, so I guess Hobbs is the place to be. I feel a little outclassed with all these rad topless and stick-controlled gliders here, but it's cool to see the scene grow and I am still hopeful that those with with high perf wings will start doing their job properly by getting on course early and marking thermals for those of us flying PGs instead of just dissappearing into the distance (just kidding...).

Yesterday JB foot-launched his Millenium and also foot-landed it; these high-performance wings look like they'd be hell to deal with landing and launching on foot, but he was super smooth. I'm downright envious of these ships, they are bad ass. For $10K they ought to be I guess, but I'm starting to wonder if I could get a car loan on one...

Yesterday the conditions were far better than I thought they would be, although it took Kim and I two tows to make it out of the airport. The climbs were weak and the sink extensive, but the fields were much dryer than I thought they would be despite the torrential thunderstorm rains of two nights ago. Michael went 95 miles, JB 65, while Kim and I dirted it after 20 miles, which I was happy enough with given the "technical" (read multi-cored longhorn byproduct that ended less than 2500 agl for us). I think Davis also went about 50, but I'm not sure.

The day before when the PGs went 91 and 102, JB and Ramy managed 116 on their ships despite launching an hour after us, which was a good show.

I've changed my ticket yet again as conditions seem to be improving, so I have two more days down here...

I hope the flying is good wherever you are!

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June 13: 115 miles, and we're outta here!