June 5th: Skateboarding, skateboard kiting, rollerblading, high-wind towing, ZERO distance AGAIN.

The headline about sums it up. Bruce Wilson launched in a 20MPH  "lull" and managed to go backwards on tow before slowly creeping forward for a nice 3,000 foot stationary tow. Michael flew in the morning as usual, he figures he needs to be on course by 11:00 to have a shot at Larry's old record, but he found absolutely nothing going up and landed at the airport quickly. The forecast was for lighter winds, but today was beyond blown out. I'm supposed to leave tomorrow and will unless conditions improve. We've had nothing but high winds, rain, tornadoes and what can only be summed up as lousy weather for the last two weeks, so it has get better. Pete Foster started the long drive back to Flagstaff today, and the North Carolina crew is also packing it in. Michael and Tiki have been looking at weather all over the US, but are staying with the same theory that it has to get better at some point...

Pic130josh skateboard.jpg (7076 bytes)Today's highlight was flying Josh's kite; eventually this became boring, so we started flying the kite while sitting on a skateboard. Last week we used the rental van to tow people around on the skateboard, during which we discovered that the skateboard wobbles badly above 25 MPH; Josh's road rash is healing nicely. The new sport of skateboard kiting was invented here today, it's a bit like kiteskiing except asphalt is substantially harder than water. No serious injuries despite our best attempts.

Josh sitting on a skateboard, this turned into standing up shortly. Speeds over 25 MPH were realized more or less safely due to tighter trucks on the skateboard. Helmets are probably a good idea.

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June 7th: 100 miles is achieved