June 1

Hobbs is full of sailplanes, hang gliders, Milleniums and more Paragliders. Josh Cohn, who flew 173 miles last year, is back for a couple of weeks, and Peter Foster from Flagstaff arrived last week. Suckered by a good forecast, Pete is blowing off work and staying to fly. Kim Csizmazia and I are chasing tandem world records this week; Kim recently got her P2 and will fly solo on mellow days, but on the good days we play to try and break the declared goal and open distance records.

Yesterday was pretty good; light conditions, but lots of thermals with no wind. Josh, Scott and Kim and I flew for about three hours, but with no wind and slow climbs only managed about 25 miles. It was fun though, we all stuck together in a gaggle of three and enjoyed the smooth if excruciatingly slow climbs, at least Kim and I could talk. One thermal took an hour, but we're working on having Kim fly the glider, so it was fun. We almost took a small collapse once, but not quite, perhaps tomorrow. Pete flew my Rocket, pulled a major collapse to see what it would do, the answer was not much. The Rocket has some amazing performance for its stability for sure.

. I'm writint his Wednesday morning; the sky is clear, the ground much drier and conditons look to be on. Hopefully we'll be in the air as you read this, send us a thermal.


Will Gadd