Canadian Nationals Results (Final)


Final Canadian Results

Final "Never Ever" Results

Final Serial Results (Finally)

A big thanks to everyone involved in this meet, it really brought out the best in everyone and helped restore my faith in paragliding competitions. Thanks!

Task Six

Some of the strongest conditions I've flown in, just booming. A short task due to risk of over-development. There was a lot of yelling in the thermals along the lines of, "Damn! This thermal is insane!!!" We started the meet with mellow evening conditions, but the conditions just got stronger and and stronger every day until the last day put on a show of how strong Golden can be when it turns on. One accident that required a heli sling off the mountain, but no serious injuries in the end, good job to all pilots.

Task Five: Friday August 3rd

It wasn't the longest task of the meet (55K) but it was definitely the most exciting. We did some back and forth on Mt. 7 before heading north to the hamlet of Donald Station. The day had the possibility to over-develop, so we wanted it short in order to get pilots on the ground early. It looked stable and not so nice on launch, but when it turned on it went huge, with many pilots reporting their strongest climbs ever. There was some reasonable southwest wind on launch, which meant taking extra care to stay out front of the main range and away from potential rotor. The bizzare thing was that at the goal field between the ground and about 2,000 feet it was blowing 20-40K out of the northwest. This made landing there technical, so many pilots arrived high enough to turn around and fly back a few K to the south, where the wind was light. We experienced exactly the same thing in '94 here, I'll write more about what I think causes this weird north wind at Donald Station some time, but it wasn't a gust front (gust fronts don't last for hours, although a real gust front did come through after goal closed). The atmosphere last night at the Muller Wind sports dinner was excited, lots of hands in the air and "so there I was!" stories. Yesterday was the "big" side of Golden.

Task Four: Thursday August 2nd

A relatively short (57K) task was called after the day looked to be a little weak and late. Then it turned on with pilots getting to 13,000 feet, Golden just keeps giving us everything we can handle!

Task Three Wed. August 1

This was the flight I wanted to bring everyone to Golden to do, and a lot of pilots had their longest flight in both time and distance. We flew from Mt. 7 down the valley to Invermere, a 110K flight. Lots of happy pilots in goal, with many pilots flying for six or more hours. A very good day. Our excellent scorer, Bill Hughes, won the coveted Log Cabin award when he blew up on the way to goal, but courtesely landed under reserve in some trees we could drive to the base of.

Task Two Monday July 30th 2007

A solid task in solid conditions with lots of happy people at goal.

Task One Sunday July 29th 2007

Windy, then a perfect evening "raging glass off." The Flytec Competinos won't recognize tasks that start after about 5:30 p.m. Where else can you fly 40K with a start at 6:30? The funny thing is that we could have flown a lot farther, people were still well above the peaks at 9:30.

Nicole's reports on West Coast Soaring: She often gets these up faster than I have time for the results.

PS--I've received a bunch of emails over the last couple of days asking for speedier results. I'll do my best, but you can safely assume the flying is really, really good if results aren't up.... We didn't score task three until 2:00 a.m.(many pilots weren't back until after 11:00 p.m.), up the hill early the next day, etc., the big days here don't leave a lot of time for internet geeking. But thanks for the emails, we'll do our best. You really should be here so you can look at the results in person...