There is no "on-line registration page," we're keeping registration simple. To Register: Please send an email to, along with payment via Paypal to the same email address. If you don't have Paypal or another on-line system you can send a physical check of any sort (US$, CDN$, Euros, Pounds, whatever) to:

Will Gadd
PO Box 8456
Canmore, Alberta, Canada T1W 2V2.

I'll send you a confirmation email as soon as I receive payment, easy. You may also register and pay when you arrive, but this DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in the comp if it fills up. If you can't Paypal or send a physical check for some reason we can work something out.

Entry Fee : Entry fee: Canadian $190 (US$170) before July 1, Canadian $225 (US$200) after July 1.


Registration Update April 27th: Please reserve your spot at the Golden Eco Adventure Ranch--they are filling up quickly and will definitely sell out before this comp starts. There are other camping and hotel options in Golden, but the GEAR is the LZ, meet HQ, free breakfast spot, etc, you really want to be camped there if you're camping to keep life simple.

Pilot List, Updated July 10. This list will be updated at least once a week.

Last Name First Name registration CONFIRMED Nationality Note
Registered, Paid and Confirmed
Akaikine Andrei Yes USA  
Bahr Jim Yes CDN  
Belcourt Bill Yes USA  
Bender James Yes USA  
Boyd Greg Yes CDN  
Briggs Josh Yes CDN  
Bredehoft Becca Yes USA  
Bretschneider Peter Yes CDN  
Brown Jack Yes    
Broyhill Eric Yes USA  
Christiansen Mike Yes CHILE  
Curry Cliff Yes USA  
DeVietti Marty Yes USA  
Gadd Will Yes CDN  
Galli Chris Yes USA  
Dadam Matt Yes USA  
Dubak Veronica Yes. CDN  
Estes Riss Yes USA  
Hajek Patrick Yes CH  
Hackney Trey Yes USA  
Hamann Heike Yes AUS  
Hollingsworth Morgan Yes USA  
Hughes Bill Yes USA  
Huynh Mylinh Yes VIN  
Izadi Amir Yes CDN  
Kreick Conrad Yes USA  
Jansen Eric Yes USA  
Kovco Benn Yes AUS  
Letchford, Ryan Yes CDN  
Lopez Juan Carlos Yes MEX  
MacCullough Keith Yes CDN  
Malocsay Meredyth Yes USA  
Marsh Roger Yes USA  
McLearn Nicole Yes CDN  
Mitrovich Stefan Yes USA  
Moock Tom Yes USA  
Morris William Yes USA  
Murphy Brad Yes AUS  
Nichols Pam Yes USA  
Oddy Eric Yes CDN  
Parkin Randy Yes CDN  
Riggs Josh Yes USA  
Roumyantsev Denis Yes CDN (RUS)  
Skold Oscar Yes SWE  
Sporer Rob - USA  
Sullivan Joe Yes USA  
Thompson James Yes AUS  
Thompson, Pete Yes USA  
Underwood Dave Yes CDN Injured Reserve-Heal up!
Wheeler David Yes USA  
Wolf Dannie Yes CDN  
Yeates Brett Yes CDN  
Yuill Deryk Yes CDN  
Zahner Gavin Yes AUS  
Zlatev Zlatko Yes CDN  
Pilots Registered but not yet paid:
Babush Greg - USA  
Beechinor Matt   USA  
Busby Bruce   CDN  
Covington Dale - USA  
Estes Riss   USA  
Giron Diana   COL Subject to Visa
Gunnuscio Brad   USA  
Hazlett Brett   CDN  
Howes Tony - CDN  
Jansen Eric   USA  
Laguna Abby - MEX  
Larsen Erik   USA  
Marsh Roger - USA  
Messenger Jamie OTW ?  
McCullough Michele - USA  
McGugin Brendan - USA  
Noel Stanley   CDN  
Olivier Eric - CDN  
Orava Jim - CDN  
Sather Robin - USA  
Winkleman Bernard - CDN