Camping Update April 27th: Please reserve your spot at the Golden Eco Adventure Ranch soon--they are filling up quickly and will definitely sell out before this comp starts. There are other camping and hotel options in Golden, but the GEAR is the LZ, meet HQ, free breakfast spot, etc, you really want to be camped there.

Registration Update April 18th: The server we were using for registration isn't working for all people, so we're going old-school: To register please send an email to, along with payment via Paypal. If you don't have Paypal or another on-line system you can send a physical check of any sort to:

Will Gadd
PO Box 8456
Canmore, Alberta, Canada T1W 2V2.

In the case of over-registration all Paypal and stamped postage dates before April 20th will be considered as April 20th (Don't stress on this, it needs to be fair to those who were trying to register and couldn't on April 15th, you'll get in). After April 21st I'll go off the Paypal or stamped postage date along with the HPAC rules regarding nationality/allocation (30 percent to pilots from Canada). Given the pre-registrations coming in, this meet may well fill all 80 places-consider confirming your entry by paying ASAP.

I'll send you a confirmation email with your post office stamp date or Paypal email transfer date once payment is received, thanks. I apologize for the inconvenience on the other site, thanks for the many emails!

Entry Fee : Entry fee: Canadian $190 (US$170) before July 1, Canadian $225 (US$200) after July 1.


Download the .wpt file. We'll be adding a few more in, but if you have compegps or another program that can read .wpt files this will give you an idea of what you're dealing with.

June 5th 2007 Golden Report: Game ON!

List of Registered (paid and not paid) Pilots HERE.

Food update April 19th:

A quick update on the third most important topic (after flying and sex) to paraglider pilots: food. Included in the entry fee every morning is a free breakfast--coffee, eggs, pancackes, sometimes other things. During the Race Willi/Willi XC last year we did this and it was a nice way to get the morning started. Pretty much everybody camps at the Golden Eco Adventure Ranch (meet HQ too) so it's a good social scene, get jacked on coffee, do the meeting, go up the hill and fly. Breakfast is $5 for non-meet pilots.

Those of you who did the Willi last year may also remember the fantastic dinner cooked up at the end of the meet by the nicest women around (yeah, the one with all the salmon, salads, near-gourmet food!). This will run again this year on August 4th, and is included in the meet fee unlike last year. Muller Windsports is also throwing down for a barbecue Sunday night, so you'll likely not starve at this meet if all you do is eat the meet food.