Virgin Sanctuary, III, WI5 85m, FA Stephen O'Brien, March 2005
Approach: This climb is located within the Yoho canyon, about 300m up river beyond "The Far Side".  As you pass "the Farside" and continue upriver you will find a large ampitheatre with a number of unclimbed routes on the right side.  The routes start almost right from the stream bed and head out of the canyon.  "The Virgin Sanctuary" takes the first curtain and climbs the steepest ice to the top.  I found steep, overhanging mushrooms for the first 25m to a ledge, followed by 3+ ice to the top.
The stupid part was walking back to my ski's after rappeling the climb I broke through the snow crust layer and twisted my knee.  I spent the next week on crutches and am still nursing the bloody knee.  
Stephen O'Brien