I am not sure yet if this is a new route or not, I vaguely remember reading something that may be this line, if I find that it's not an FA I'll let you know... anyway...

"Only Fools and Horses"   WI 3  25m

FA (?) Jan 9th 2005, Ian Hunt and Robin Owens

Situated about 200m right of the GBU.  From the GBU area, walk back down the cliff to the ice.  I have not seen this ice before despite visiting the Ghost for many years.

Climb a shallow gully with a sometimes narrow and / or thin seam of ice, generally a moderate angle with a couple of short steep steps and a couple of interesting moves to contemplate. The scree above the route is very loose. Rappel from tree above the route.

Why the name ? Well it was  f*&%$#@ cold and driving through the creeks to get there may not have been the smartest thing in the world to have done as became evident with the almost epic attempt to unfreeze the wheels of various frozen trucks.