Myst, M7, stubby ice screw terrain, Shawn and Shelly Huisman, Oct. 26

Yesterday (Oct 26), Shelley and I climbed a new route in the Ghost, it's called Myst. It's located about 150 meters before Burning & Drowning and The Sliver.

It's the first climb you see when your going to those climbs, about 10 minutes up hill. It's M7 with 6 bolts, some small cams (#0.3) and I used stubby ice screws. Bolted rap station at the top, 32 meters long. It should get fatter as the over the next few weeks, so the grade might get alittle easier, it might even have ice all the way down soon. There is a botched bolt between #5 and 6 that should be skipped, it will be covered with ice shortly I think( sorry).

Like the Sliver, it might melt out with the first big chinook so it's an early season climb. Burning & Drowing is up, and so is the Sliver. Both look thin but should get better with this cold weather. Doing all three routes would be a great day out.

Bold predicion for the season, the early snow we had this year is going to make the Ghost amazing, Silver Tongued Devil might even form if we get a real cold snap.


Shawn Huisman