Musashi, 5.9 A2 or M.FH, FA Will Gadd, Ben Firth and friends.

Musashi was a great Japanese samurai, the first to master the two-sword fighting technique. It's also a good  restuarant in Canmore.

Musashi is the right-hand of the two sicko mixed lines at the Cineplex. Climb out the 35-foot roof using various tricks and weird tactics including horizontal dynos and about 8 figure fours, pull the ice roof at the end. It's definitely the hardest thing I've ever climbed by an order of magnitude, but grading mixed routes is often an exercise in international politics and posturing, hence the 5.9 A2 grade... Wicked moves for a long way.


Ben dynamically retreating from the first crux                        Big roof.

February 20th 2002 note:  Daniel DuLac came very close to repeating it before having to leave for Quebec, and Robert Jasper was looking very good until he sliced his hand to the bone with a heel spur. Ben Firth suffered a less grievous injury a couple of months ago, so the two-sword analogy is starting to make more sense. I repeated it yesterday without leashes (used 'em the first time around), it's easier without leashes and with very good heel spurs than with leashes but no heel spurs. This game is getting interesting.