The Mild Thing 60 Metre Grade 4 Commitment Grade III on North Ridge of Mt. Chephren, Doug Fulford & Luther McLain

(82 N/15 approximately 214451)

Park near avalanche path/drainage five kilometres north of Waterfowl Lakes campground. (1.2 kilometres north of Totem Creek).

Route is obvious blue curtain on treed ridge across Mistaya River. You should have a good bearing on where the route is before you leave the oad, as you will not see it again until you (hopefully) emerge from the forest below it.

Hike down to river, construct shaky log bridge, wander through forest and slog up slide path through ubiquitous alders to the longer than it looks pitch. Steep sections at bottom and top of pitch, with featureless sheet of 80 degree ice in middle.

Rappel off ice.

Doug Fulford & Luther McLain

December 13, 2002