Hede Kasoku 200 Metre Grade 4 Commitment Grade IV, Doug Fulford, Luther McLain, Tatsuro Yamada

Up Tokkum Creek in Kootenay N.P.

Hike, or ski (recommended!) 1.5 hours up Tokkum Creek, until you can clearly see the obvious steep curtain which is Westafailure on the right. Hede Kasoku is directly across the valley from Westafailure on the shady south side. Step across creek and hike for 20 minutes up drainage to the start of the route. Climb several hundred metres of moderate ice and snow, with several fun pitches of grade 3 and one grade 4 pitch. Eventually, you will run out of ice to climb very high up the right hand side of the gully/bowl where you will have three options for finishing, with the left being the most difficult.

Rappel from abalakovs, but it is possible to walk off through steep trees from the midpoint of the route.

Definitely a early season or low snow year route, as you will be spending a few hours in a rather large slide path.

Doug Fulford, Luther McLain, Tatsuro Yamada

December 7, 2002