A possible FA in the Elk Lake area: Elk Horn, WI 5-, 70m Janez Alex and Donald Otten, December 31, 2005

50m to the left of EMF is a free hanging dagger with a big cone underneath it, another 200 m to the left is a flow climbed by Donald and Janez.\

Pitch 1: 45 m, 20 m of steeper than it looks ice to a snow ledge, a rock step, and a short 8m pillar.

Pitch 2: 35 m, first 20 m are very thin looking, but do offer 13-16 cm screws at places,  the ice sheath is detached from the wall for more than two body lengths at the top of the thin section (as you will notice by the sound, an inspection on the rappel confirmed that :)  The angle eases to the top but the ice gets very brittle.

Rap from V-threads (35m, 35m, 20m).

HNY, Janez.