Approach, as for The Stage, routes are located far
climbers right of The Wings and The Stage about 100m. Da har side-
by- each....both starting to big obvious corners.

David Marra, Claire Macdonald

The Britney-Gwar Connection, 115m,WI 4R, M4, III.

Is the right-most 3pitch ice/mixed line divided by a
large, treed ledge, dead-ending in the middle of the
steep wall above.

P1) WI 3, 40m Starts in the farthest R. large corner
with good WI 3 thin ice, (takes good,short screws in
places), the ice bottlenecks. 5ms of snow takes you to
the base of the next mixed pitch, belay here on

P2) WI 4R, M4, 15m Climb the obvious mixed corner with
a great chockstone halfway up, exit in a ice chimney
with exciting moves. Tree Belay.

Walk up 30ms to the right on large ledge system.

P3) WI 4R, M4, 60m Follow gully system through two
ledge systems belaying at the end of the ice.

Rap route on V-threads and Trees.

great easy/moderate mixed.

Rack, short screws, few pins, didn't use any rock rack



Nov. 16th, David Marra and Claire Macdonald

Lennon Meets Slayer....Imagine.100m , WI 4R, M5, III

Start 15m to the Left of Britney-Gwar Connection, in
the next obvious corner system.

P1) 55m WI 4R, M5 Climb good WI 3 to ice mushrooms
topped by a mini pillar, traverse L. under large
corner/roof on thin ice and rock to WI 4 short,double
pillar exit...softly. Tree belay

Walk up to next pitch on large ledge

P2) 30m WI 2, M3 Climb mixed funfun, watch for loose
rocks exiting. Use last pillar to belay.

P3) 15m WI 4 Climb pillar, I down climbed it to avoid
building a V-Thread.

Rap Route

Rack, I just brought short screws and a few pins, but
a few cams may be useful

Good Moderate Mixed Line with some very tender