Cowgirl in the Snow III, W4, 50 m

Map: 82J/14 254304 

East face of James Walker

Climbed October 26, 2002  Stephen O'Brien, Adam Gunn

A nice pitch in an interesting position, the top of which can be seen from the bottom switchback on the Fortress Road .  The bottom of the climb cannot be seen from the road as it is located in a very tight canyon/slot.  The slot is at its widest about 4m wide, and at its narrowest 2m wide, the climb starts on the right wall near the end of the slot.  There are other interesting smears of ice on this wall that would good to climb.

Approach:  Park near the bottom switchback of the Fortress Road .  Smears of ice can be seen on the face directly west, the fattest and right most one is Cowgirls, of which only the top can be seen.  Follow the drainage/gulley through the bush to the bottom of a large snow bowl.  Follow the snow bowl up and then right to the climb.  Head for the gully on the right side of the wall.  There is plenty of avalanche terrain, so more appropriate in low snow conditions.  2.5 - 3 hours

Enter the slot and climb snow and easy ice to the bottom of the ice.  A nice sheltered belay can be found on the left, protected by a stopper.  Rappel off V-threads.