Chokdavdik WI 5, 5.7 225m D.Edgar D.Marra, 2001

Two days after J.Walsh, D.Sproul and R.Cote ticked Choksondik, 225m, in 2001, Dave Edgar and Dave Marra
climbed a route beside it to the Left 50m. In the photo on your site our route is hidden by the angle but you can see the break in which the gully lies.

(Unreported FA of the past)

FA 2001
Chokdavdik WI 5, 5.7 225m D.Edgar D.Marra
Approach; as for fact we followed their footsteps and shared the first pitch.

Route; Bust left on a snow ledge after climbing the first tier of Choksondik, climb up to WI 5 in an obvious gully feature with a mixed exit. Our route is more mixed with thinner ice and needs a small rock rack.

Descent: After topping out we easily walked over to the col toward Virgin no More and did one long rap onto the snow slope and walked back to the road.