BlowValley ManGravy and the Angry Inch, WI5 M5, 30m R Chris Meyers and David Marra, Crowfoot area, Spring 2005.

This is a stout route in an awesome setting with a great ski down. Short day. Need stable snowpac and calm winds.
Approach: 6 short, thin, mixed lines on Mt. Crowfoot visible from the road. They’re on the middle flank of Crowfoot, North of Crowfoot Falls 1/2km and South of Political World 1/2km. Directly above the main tourist viewing pullout for Crowfoot at the South end of Bow
Lake. Park, cross lake and skin up to base of routes, currently this open slope has been shredded and has an uptrack to base. Allow 45min., 900ft approx ski up.

Route: 2nd from right, scramble steep snow and ice to small rock roof, ice screw belay with shelter. Climb a short, 6 inch thick, Pillar to very thin funfun, traverse into ice filled steep corner, climb up and the traverse Left on rock to belay. Fixed nut and pin.