Betrayal, WI 5, 200mish, FA C. Delworth and D. Marra, 2002-3
Approach; The route is very visible from the Icefields Parkway, under Crowfoot Gl. A few hundred meter South
of Crowfoot Falls. Park in pullout, ski to base (20min)
Route; Scramble up snow and ice, up to WI 3, to ice cave behind the pillar. Climb WI 5 to easier WI 3-4 to serac ice.

Descent; Rap route
Rack; as per usual

Under the Crowfoot Claw lies a Pillar....

A few years ago C. Delworth snd D. Marra climbed a FA
pillar under the foot of Crowfoot Gl.
We climbed the route car-to-car in a 3-4 hrs., at
night, to scoop a dear friend that had scooped us on
other routes.