Beta Bird, M9, Spring 2003, LeBlanc/Buszowski.

To the right of Dodo Bird in the ghost, there is a new route called BETA BIRD M9 by LeBlanc/Buszowski.

It climbs out a good sized roof, about 5 times bigger than Dodo bird roof!

Yesterday Louis-Julien Roy (frenchman's and big names) Flashed the route - it was an impressive performance - pretty darn psyched for Louis!

The route is in dry tooling conditions right know, but when first bolted had Ice!

Dodo bird M8 is in full dry tooling and could use a couple more bolts (Sean are your reading this?)

The left route Huissman's Frodo bird M7 could use one bolt between the 2nd last and last bolt.

PS the drive was pretty exciting going in at the second creek until the valley of the birds BUT going out was riveting! A couple of 3ft ice banks didn't stop OJ!