"WWF" aka "Whitewater Fisting"
   II,M6(solid),W.I. 4+  100 meters

     F.R.A. Rob Owens, Eamonn Walsh, Steve Holeczi. December 14, 1999.

   This obvious line is located 20 meters to the right of Coal Miner's
Daughter, approximately 2km east of field, on Mt. Field. Total approach time
45 minutes.

Pitch one.
Climb 5 meters of slab ice. Traverse a few meters, on rock, into a corner/
large flake. Climb the corner for a few meters until below a rock overhang
and a very dubious hanging dagger( this dagger may be climable but, not this
year). Traverse left for a few meters on thin ice, rock, and air until it is
time to " fall" into another corner system(crux). Climb thin ice and rock,
in the corner,to a psuedo rest. Traverse back right, utilizing the choss and
dirt, to solid ice. Belay off thin ice(possibly pins) at the base of the
next pitch. No bolts. Take lots of cams, and a small selection of pins and

Pitch Two involves 40 meters of WI 3 with a thin, dubious, 10 meter pillar.

Rappel both pitches using V threads.

(The derivitives of the title are: Wrestling,Ice Climbing, Self
Gratification/Masterbation, and therefore, Jim Donini's definition of Dry