Notorious B.G.G. (Billy Goats Gruff), III 90m WI4. FA:  J. Mills, Brad Boychuck - Nov 19, 05 North of Rampart Creek

Located a few hundred meters to the right of Cadeau Cache and Damocales in a bowl feature.  This is the fattest line of ice on the left side of this bowl.  Another thinner line was formed about 30m right but warming temps forced us to run away.
Park: As for Damocales and Cadeau Cache
Approach: As for Cadeau Cache but stay lower and traverse farther right to the major bowl with ice in it.  You could probably climb straight up to the route from the highway with some rock gear.
Route:  Climb 65m of low angle but thin ice to the base of a steeper curtain.  Either climb the curtain or the slightly harder pillar on the left.  On FA there was no ice on top so I placed some rock directionals (pins and large nut) and traversed left to a tree belay.  
Walk off or rappel.