Two new routes, Nordegg Area - J. Mills, Brent Young, Dec 4

Approach: Park at Allstones Creek trailhead (signed) about 10 minutes west of Nordegg.  Hike up the creek (NOT the trail) for about 2.5 hours untill two climbs are obvious on your left about 100m apart.  Not worth it, unless you like long walks up creek beds.  There are a couple more unclimbed lines up this valley but nothing to get excited about.
"Take 'er as she comes" (II W4, 35m) - The left hand line when looking up from the creek.  A short, steep, pillar in a corner. 
"And like it!" (II W2/3, 70m) - The right hand line, a bit thin at the bottom but low angle.
Both Routes Dec 4, 05 - J. Mills and Brent Young