Jelly Legs, FA Jeff Glynn and Andy Arts Nov. 5, 2005

Possible first ascent?
You drive up the spray road for about 10 mins and start up the drainage on
your left side (three sister drainage). It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the
climb. Hike up the drainage for about 1 hour and then you'll see the climb
on your right side. Work your way up to the climb, many ways to go but
watch out for the slab under the snow. We pulled out the rope for a little
bit of mix on left hand side of the climb and then went down the ramp to the
start of the ice. 55 meter grade three ice and we used stubbies and 17cm
screws. The name Jelly legs is dued to the way your legs must move on the
hike out with so many boulders.