Hurry up, there’s beer in the car! WI4, 27m, Jyoti Venne, Kevin Dyck, Nov 2004

Back in November Jyoti and I climbed this thing on the way back from the Big Drip. You really can’t miss it which makes me suspect someone has climbed it before but I haven’t seen any record of it

Approach as for the Real Big Drip, about an hour. Follow the approach beta for the big drip and at the top of the ridge you can see the route. Drop down into the creek bed and follow the bed up to the route. You'd go that way anyway to get to the big drip. Seriously, it's so obvious when you're on the way up there that you really can't miss it. That's why we figure it's been climbed before but there was no tat so who knows?

Climb a few metres on innocuous-looking but surprisingly technical ice to a final 10m steep bit. Anchor off of trees.

In the picture it’s the ice farthest left, partially snow covered. The other ice in the picture are two possible mixed lines; the one in the centre would likely go on gear while the smear to farthest right would need bolts. When we took the picture it had snowed the day before so it doesn’t really do the routes justice.