Hafner Cave Update.

There are now at least four good routes to do in the upper Hafner Cave, see beta for Caveman for directions. All grades are bareback, spurs will make a difference.

Cave Man is short line out the hoar-encrusted cave. Holds break and change on this route all the time, but it's basically always about M10-.

Piltdown Man (see below) starts to the right of the Cave Man and joins Neothlithic. It's short compared to the other M12s out there but it's very in your face, M14 (see below and check the links, grin).

Neothlithic has a "Game Style" move on it, super fun. It's been cleaned up since last year and is generally more fun. M11+.

The route right of Neo is excellent, not sure of the name, but it's M10+, maybe the best route in the Hafner Cave. A slew of people put effort into this route.

There are some bolts to the right of this route, but that route isn't done.

Piltdown Man M14? 13 aprox. bolts, you may not want to clip them all. Hafner Creek, upper cave.

FA: Joe Buszowski, with a little help from Will Gadd and others.

Located in the Caveman cave between Neolithic and Caveman. Start to the right of Caveman at about the same depth into the cave. Swing around under the horizontal roof until you join the last four bolts on Neolithic.


The grade. It took me over 30 year of climbing to redpoint, it must be harder then anything else.

A link to some info on the original Piltdown Man.









Joe Buszowski