Elk Lakes Routes (More photos here)


On the photo above, from L to R, the routes are:

EMF = EMF (duh!)
ET = Elk Tear
D = Dunlap
A = Anoxia
NBC = Nightmare Before Christmas
SP = South Park

The details on the new stuff are as follows:

"South Park", 200m+, WI4
FA: Eamonn Walsh & Raphael Slawinski, February 12, 2005

"Nightmare Before Christmas", 150m, WI6
FA: Raphael Slawinski & Eamonn Walsh, December 22, 2005

Also of note, EMF is formed up as a pure ice route (WI5+), and is highly
recommneded. Oh yeah, on "EMF 1", for obvious reasons the left-hand line is