Double the Power, 100M (??), WI 5, Andrew Wexler, Jon Walsh, Oct 31
Jon Walsh and I did a cool rte on Oct 31 on Mt Wilson, above Cosmic Messenger. I didn't post it cause I've been waiting for Jon's slack ass to email me the photos. Anyway, we named it DOUBLE THE POWER and it's a 2 pitch, WI 5 (solid - atleast for the year's first climb). The first pitch is a mushroomy WI 4 pitch up to a cave behind a pillar. The second pitch climbs the steep pillar and then rambles to the top. Approach via Cosmic Messenger or the WI 3 to the climber's right. On Halloween, there was tons
of ice up there to be had.
Andrew Wexler

The photo at left has the route marked on
it so not be confused with the other two unclimbed lines beside it. I thought it might clear things up as to what we climbed.